Presence detectors for energy-efficient lighting control

Solutions brochure for presence detectors and motion detectors

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On almost 80 pages, the Theben solutions brochure presents a selection of the most common applications of presence and motion detectors.


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Presence detectors for energy-efficient lighting control

With the Theben presence detectors, you have every option for energy-efficient and intelligentlighting control. In addition to classic use for lighting control in offices, corridors and publicbuildings, you can also control heating and air-conditioning based on presence. This is how you save on energy costs and considerably reduce CO2 emissions. Presence detectors react to the slightest of movements and measure room brightness at the same time. If no more movement is detected, or an individually set brightness value is exceeded, the presence detector automatically switches off the light.

Chose the right presence detector: Which detector for which application?

Whether for private home or in a commercial functional building – Theben offers the optimum presence detector for any application. Simple toinstall, easy to operate. Each of these solutions contributes to saving energy and increasing comfort and safety.

Chose the right presence detector

Learn more about presence detectors: Technology, detection area and light measurement

Presence detectors work according to thesame principle as motion detectors: They detect thermal radiation in their surrounding, that is in their detection area. If thermal radiation is detected in the detection area, for example caused by a person approaching the presence detector, the presence detector converts the radiation into a measureable, electric signal, and the light is switched on.

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