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Theben are well on track for the future: With a strong management team

(Haigerloch, 11 March 2016) Theben AG has announced three staff changes: Rainer Uez, a longstanding Theben employee, has taken on responsibility for sales and wholesale in Germany. From 1st of January 2016, Markus Landa has been pulling the strings of international trade in the newly created post of Export Manager. Finally, a further member of the owning family, Paul Sebastian Schwenk, has taken on an active role in the company: Since the 1st of March Mr Schwenk has been in charge of worldwide marketing and the Business Development department at Theben AG. 

Theben are well on track for the future

Individual temperature to the point: Theben fan coil actuator FCA 2 KNX

(Haigerloch, 11 March 2016) With the new fan coil actuator FCA 2, Theben presents a KNX actuator for efficient heating control in the realm of KNX building automation. Thanks to proportionally controllable control valves and fan, the temperature can be increased or decreased precisely to the degree. 

Fan coil actuator FCA 2 KNX

Exceptional design, greater savings and flexibility: The new thePrema DALI presence detector from ThebenHTS

(Haigerloch, 11 March 2016) ThebenHTS have once again reduced the energy consumption of the multiple award-winning thePrema premium presence detector down to under 0.1 watts. A new version of thePrema S now offers a DALI interface for simple integration into building automation. 

thePrema DALI presence detector from ThebenHTS

Small and yet so big: the new thePiccola from Theben: Mini presence and motion detectors

(Haigerloch, 11 March 2016) With the new thePiccola mini presence and motion detectors, Theben present a particularly compact series for movement and brightness dependent lighting control in medium-sized detection areas. 

Mini presence and motion detectors thePiccola

Quite simply an all-round success: The new ThebenHTS theRonda presence detectors

(Haigerloch, 13 March 2016) With theRonda S standard models, ThebenHTS have completed their high-performance range of the Ronda presence detectors for presence-dependent, energy-saving lighting and air-conditioning control indoors, offering a new option for medium-sized detection ranges. Furthermore, theRonda P now comes with intelligent master/master parallel switching. 

theRonda presence detectors by ThebenHTS

App-controlled mood lighting: Theben universal dimmer DIMAX for LED lighting

(Haigerloch, 11 March 2016) With the universal dimmer DIMAX 544 plus, Theben present a dimmer for LED lighting that can be programmed using a mobile app. The free app for Android smartphones enables individual lighting scenarios to be conveniently programmed and transferred to DIMAX 544 via Near Field Communication (NFC).

Universal dimmer DIMAX542 plus and 544 plus

Dimming LEDs infinitely and flicker-free: KNX universal dimmer actuators of the FIX series from Theben

(Haigerloch, 11 March 2016) Dimmable lamps, such as LEDs, halogen and energy-saving lamps, can be dimmed infinitely with the new KNX universal dimmer actuators from Theben's FIX1 and FIX2 series. In view of the increasing number of connected LED lamps with small wattages, multiple channels provide greater freedom of design.

KNX universal dimmer actuators

Theben AG announces the resignation of Thomas Goes, Chairman of the Board

(Haigerloch, 19 November 2015) Theben AG announces the resignation of Mr Thomas Goes, Chairman of the Board. Due to different opinions concerning the further development and management of the company, Mr Goes leaves the company as Chairman of the Board, with immediate effect. He will neither continue any other functions within the company.

Theben AG announces the resignation of Thomas Goes

Flexible, flat, feature-rich: The new PlanoSpot KNX presence detector from ThebenHTS

(Haigerloch, 15 September 2015) With the new PlanoSpot 360 KNX DE, ThebenHTS is presenting the first presence detector on the market whose detection area can be displaced mechanically. As a result, the PlanoSpot KNX is the ideal presence detector for rooms where a flexible layout is important. But the PlanoSpot KNX impresses not only because of the variable, square detection area, but also because of the new "eco plus" function for maximum energy savings. 

Presence detector PlanoSpot KNX

Cleverly automated: The new Theben solutions brochure for KNX home and building control

(Haigerloch, 18 August 2015)  What is KNX? What can it be used for? When does it make sense to use the fieldbus?  These and many other questions are answered on 90 pages of the new Theben KNX solutions brochure, which is comprehensive, straight forward and well illustrated. Various practical application examples demonstrate the advantages of a KNX building control system and show how it functions and why.

Solutions brochure for KNX home and building control

One of the most innovative brands 2015: Theben AG receives Plus X Award

(Haigerloch, 24th June 2015) After the launch of a series of new presence and motion detectors which have already received several Plus X Awards, people at Theben AG in Germany are delighted about another accolade: the coveted Plus X Award “Most innovative Brand 2015” in the category “Energy and lighting”.

Plus X Award "Most innovative brand 2015"

For all and for all occasions: Meteodata KNX weather stations from Theben

(Haigerloch 1th April 2015) Theben extends the series of the popular Meteodata 140 S KNX weather stations with additional new models with 24 V power supply and a „basic“ version without rain sensor. All weather stations feature the same compact design and the proven transparent housing, which lets the background colour shine through.

Meteodata 140 S KNX weather stations

Up and down on schedule: The new digital Theben theRolla time switches for roller blinds and blinds

(Haigerloch, 1th April 2015) With theRolla S031 and theRolla P032, Theben presents two new digital time switches for automatic and reliable control of roller blinds and blinds with various switch programmes and comfortable programming.

Time switches theRolla

The weather under control: LUXOR 440 weather station from Theben

(Haigerloch 1th April 2015) For the LUXOR living comfort control, Theben offers a new powerful weather station for automatic control of sun protection and more. Through the transparent housing, the background colour of the facade shines through, so the weather station harmoniously blends with its surroundings.

LUXOR 440 weather station

Designed for LED lamps: The new Theben staircase time switch ELPA 6 plus

(Haigerloch, 1th April 2015) With the new ELPA 6 plus, Theben presents a staircase time switch with switch-off warning for LED lamps. Thanks to the extended single pulse, the switch-off warning is reliably visible also with LED lamps.

Staircase time switch ELPA 6 plus

Optimised for LEDs and energy saving lamps: The new astronomical time switch Theben SELEKTA 175 top2

(Haigerloch, 1th April 2015) With the new SELEKTA 175 top2, Theben presents an astronomical time switch with an installation width of 1 module for high capacitive loads, as they especially occur with LED lamps and energy saving lamps.

Astronomical time switch SELEKTA 175 top2

Detecting everything in a wide range: theLuxa P300 KNX motion detector from Theben

(Haigerloch, 16th November 2015) With theLuxa P300 KNX, Theben presents a true all-rounder among the KNX external motion detectors: Apart from the large detection area and the pivoting sensor head for wall and ceiling installation, the new theLuxa P300 KNX scores with logic, universal, and motion channels, with scene functions, a time switch function, and an integrated temperature measurement.

theLuxa P300 KNX

Illuminating and versatile for Consultants: The new Theben AG solutions brochure for presence and motion detectors

(Haigerloch, 10 December 2014) Theben AG has included a huge variety of application examples for their presence and motion detectors in a comprehensive new solutions brochure. Planners can gain a detailed overview for various applications giving energy-efficient lighting control, indoors and outdoors.

Theben solutions brochure of presence detectors and motion detectors for planners

An app to keep your smart home under control: theServa S110 visualisation from Theben

(Haigerloch, 30 March 2014) With theServa S110 Theben AG present a high-performance KNX visualisation for convenient lighting, blind and room temperature control by smartphone or tablet.

KNX visualisation theServa

Three times award-winning: The new thePrema presence detectors

(Haigerloch, 3 March 2014) The new thePrema presence detectors from ThebenHTS were awarded altogether three design awards for their elegant shape: „GOOD DESIGN“, „Plus-X“ and „iF“ award. Its floating drop shape and the combination of lens and housing represent a completely new design. 

Three times award-winning: thePrema presence detectors

Completely modular: Theben present a full range of MIX2 KNX actuators

(Haigerloch, 30 March 2014) The new MIX2 KNX actuators will have replaced all our tried-and-tested current MIX1 actuators by the end of 2014 and will be complemented by additional devices. Theben AG will be offering a complete, modular range for efficient switching and dimming of lighting, as well as heating and blind controls.

Theben present a full range of MIX2 KNX actuators

Simpler, more elegant, more complete: The new Theben theLuxa P motion detector

(Haigerloch, 30 March 2014) With the new theLuxa Performance range and the theLuxa Standard devices Theben AG now offer a complete range of high-quality motion detectors for automatic and energy-efficient outdoor lighting control.

Theben theLuxa P motion detector

More extensive, more comprehensive, more versatile: The new ThebenHTS theRonda presence detector

(Haigerloch, 30 March 2014) ThebenHTS complements the Premium presence detector thePrema launched in 2013 with the new theRonda presence detector range for presence-dependent, energy-efficient indoor lighting and climate control.

ThebenHTS theRonda presence detector

Smaller, bigger, KNX compatible: The new ThebenHTS theMova indoor motion detector

(Haigerloch, 30 March 2014) With theMova ThebenHTS presents a completely new range of high-quality motion detectors for automatic and energy-efficient lighting control in indoor transit areas.

theMova indoor motion detector

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